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Advisory services for monitoring and project management and residential construction, business, industrial, public, hospital, infrastructure, port terminals, assisting our clients in the execution of civil works.


Consulting services for structures in reinforced concrete projects, concrete protendido, metal and wood structures, structural recovery, structural reinforcement and technical assistance at all stages of the work.


Project services for many different customer needs, covering commercial and residential buildings, industrial plants, infrastructure, using the best practices and standards, combining high performance and low cost.


customized solutions for each of our clients

Our services involve structural projects, electrical, hydraulic, and additional geotechnical.

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reinforced concrete is a building model that applies frames consist of steel bars. These fittings are utilized due to low resistance of concrete tensile stresses, which has high compression resistance.

In the case of a reinforced concrete structure, the use of steel pillars, beams and slabs is indispensable with a sizing well calculated by current standards of regulatory bodies.

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A metal structure steel is produced by, iron and carbon. The higher the carbon content, the higher the strength of steel for steel structure, In contrast, it will be hard and brittle. It is used for running beams, pillars, Tuesdays, roof trusses, bars mezzanines, gantries, pergolas, among others.


Here you will find content about the most diverse subjects of Civil Engineering.

Faced with several stages such as planning, project design, negotiation of ventures and management of services provided, many construction companies reveal deadlocks in both time management, regarding financial administration. The waste rate of the construction industry is high, beyond the productivity of…

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A good receiver requires administrative awareness and appreciation for legislation, that is, the more informed about their legal obligations, less experience deadlocks. It is extremely important that he and dominate all areas of the condominium, as well as their modifications, thus preventing, future complications related to…

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Customary habit of traders, parking lots reserved for clients on sidewalks aim leverage sales. This type of stay is not illegal under the condition not to obstruct access to pedestrian in the hunt, as Article 68 do CTB. However, convert it unique, It is illegal because it is…

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